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An overview of the most important features and functions of the Simpleprax software and which advantages this offers for your practice.

Flexible types of questioning

We offer four different channels through which you can share documents with your patients. You have the flexibility to choose which combination best fits your practice's workflow.

In the waiting room...

...or already from home.


Patients can scan a QR code with their smartphone in the waiting room, which points to the documents in a document group. Each document group has its own QR code.

On his own phone, the patient can then fill out the documents in the Internet browser.

The QR codes can be flexibly created in the Simpleprax application for each document group and displayed in the waiting room.


Documents can be filled out by patients in the waiting room using a practice tablet, e.g. an iPad. This is particularly useful if the patient does not have his or her own smartphone.

Shortly before the appointment, the receptionist can give the patient a tablet on which the patient can then complete the survey.


In the Simpleprax application, you have the option to enter the patient's email address and select the documents you want the patient to fill out before the appointment.

An e-mail is sent to the patient via our servers, through which he gets access to the documents to be filled out.


Via a button on your practice website, for example on the contact page, patients can be redirected to the Simpleprax platform for a survey and find all documents to be filled out before the appointment.

The integration with your website is customizable and our team will be happy to assist you during the set up the Simpleprax application.

Versatile use

Areas of application

Simpleprax is suitable for digitizing many different documents in your practice. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently used application areas.

Medical history

We digitize your medical history forms and generate a report that allows you to see all important patient information. Based on questions already answered, additional supplementary questions can be asked.

Information material

Send your patient important information material about the treatment before the appointment. Even after the appointment, you can still send your patient individual information material digitally.

Score documents

The digital completion of self-tests offers the advantage that the score result can be calculated automatically directly after the completion of the document. The matching results and action sequences can be displayed additionally.

Patient admission

Patient registration can be carried out before the practice appointment, regardless of location, from any of the patient's end devices. Link the documents to be filled out on the contact page of your website, for example.

Administrative forms

Administrative documents such as consent forms, DSGVO regulations or other forms can be signed electronically in a legally secure manner with Simpleprax. You can learn more about this here.

Your own documents

Do you use other document types in your practice that are not listed here? No problem, because the document structure of Simpleprax is flexible and can adapt to your needs.

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