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Medical and therapy practices

Prices for medical and therapy practices start at 49€ and depend on the number of practicioners working in the practice.

49€ per month *

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What is included

  • One practicioner

    For each additional practicioners in the practice (except MFAs), there is a further fee of 19€* per month.

  • Unlimited document templates

    For the one-off digitisation of your documents, there is a digitisation fee of 20€* per page.

  • Unlimited surveys

  • All types of questioning included

    Both from home and on the smartphone or tablet in the doctors office.

  • Terminatable on a monthly basis

  • Free installation and introductory workshop

  • Integration with the practice management system

  • Free support

Other institutions

These include MVZs, hospitals and other forms of organisation. Please contact us for further information.

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* All the prices stated are subject to statutory value-added tax

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