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Interview with Dr. Birkhahn about Simpleprax in his medical practice Urologie am Ring

Since August 2021, digital anamnesis with Simpleprax has become part of the practice processes of Drs. Birkhahn, Gralla, and Sahi. Since then, more than 3000 patient documents have been completed digitally. Dr. Birkhahn reports on his experience with the switch to digital anamnesis.

Antonia Saleh

Dr. Birkhahn, you have been using Simpleprax since August 2021. Why did you choose to digitize patient forms in your medical practice?

In general, we consider ourselves a digital and modern practice. In addition, I noticed that the printer produced 200,000 prints only in the last two years. I realized this wasn’t sustainable and the situation couldn't go on like this. Additionally, the use of Simpleprax has also demonstrated that digital medical records are simply easier and more practical to handle.

Why did you select Simpleprax?

Prior to making our decision, we looked at several options and were most impressed with Simpleprax's appearance. Additionally, I liked the simple but flexible solution, as it is easy to adapt to a variety of circumstances. I like that Simpleprax addresses a specific challenge: The administrative effort associated with digitizing patient forms.

How did you experience the setup and installation of the software?

It was a very easy process to install and configure. Despite relatively short notice, the installation was performed successfully on-site. In addition to the installation on all devices, the employees had to receive a brief introduction to the software.

How did you integrate Simpleprax into your processes? Can you describe the new process?

On the website, we have two options: online appointment booking and online check-in with Simpleprax. If the patient has booked an appointment online, they will receive a prompt in the appointment confirmation message to fill out the initial intake documents. If the patient made the appointment by phone, they can fill out the forms directly from the website. Most patients already check in digitally with Simpleprax as a result. Otherwise, they scan the QR code here on site or get the iPad to fill out the documents. On-site, however, the QR code is the most common method.

Score sheets are also commonly used in urology. Patients have the option of scanning the QR code directly or having the link emailed to them. Since there are usually so many questions, some of them sensitive, it is much more convenient for patients to do this at home at their convenience. Analogously, patients would then have to fax or mail the questionnaire, which would be a disproportionate effort.

What benefits have you experienced from using Simpleprax in your daily practice?

Simpelprax makes many things more efficient. A system like this isn't common in many practices, so you'll seem more modern. Additionally, you'll save paper. There were previously five steps in the admissions process: print the admission form, hand it to the patient, scan the completed document, then shred the original and place it in the overfilled paper garbage can. This is no longer necessary.

What is your patients' reaction to the new way of filling out documents?

Across all age groups, patients have given very positive feedback about the digital forms. Occasionally, people are irritated by having to scan a QR code when registering, but everyone is now used to this procedure because of Corona. The tablet is more likely to be given to elderly patients rather than the QR code, but everyone can still manage that.

What do you think are the advantages of Simpleprax for your patients?

Patients benefit from digital forms in many ways. Sensitive data, as is more often requested in urology, is no longer required to be transmitted via email. As a consequence, the appointment process is faster, and they no longer have to fill out additional paperwork in the waiting room, but can show up to the appointment immediately. This minimizes patient waiting time and is a significant benefit for patients.

Would you recommend Simpleprax to other practices?


Thank you very much, Dr. Birkhahn!

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