Digital anamnesis for your practice

Simpleprax offers the digital collection of patient information.

Medical history documents, administrative documents, score sheets and information material can be digitally read, filled out and sent back to you by the patient, regardless of location.

Even before the appointment!

Mockup of the Simpleprax desktop application on an iMac and the Simpleprax patient platform on an iPhone


  • Time saving

    Patient information can be collected directly digitally with Simpleprax. This eliminates the manual processes in the practice associated with scanning and digitizing paper forms. This simplification of everyday tasks can save up to 20 hours of administrative work per month.

  • All bureaucracy already done before the appointment

    Even before the patient enters the practice, he has filled out the patient questionnaire, signed the privacy policy and received all other forms relevant to his treatment.

  • No media discontinuity due to more efficient processes

    Simpleprax prevents a media disruption in the collection of patient data. Medical history forms, administrative documents and other forms no longer need to be printed out, but are filled out directly digitally by the patient and imported into your practice management software.

  • Insertion into the IT structure of your practice

    The documents completed by the patient can be imported directly into your practice management software. There is no need for duplicate management of patient data.

  • Higher patient satisfaction

    Offer a modern anamnesis in your practice and thus increase the satisfaction of your patients.

This software brings every practice decisively forward. With Simpleprax, the inevitable and long overdue data protection-compliant digitization in healthcare is finally really taking off.

That's how it works!

The process in your practice

The digital process of collecting patient data in your practice when using Simpleprax.

Illustration Step 01: Selection of questionnaires and information materials


Selection of questionnaires and information materials

You select the questionnaires you want your patient to complete in the Simpleprax application on your practice computer. For each document group, there is a single link that you can share with your patient in four different ways. Read more about that here.

Filling out the documents

The patient fills out the forms you select, signs important documents, or reads informational materials directly on their smartphone, computer, or on an iPad in the waiting room.


Illustration Step 02: Filling in the documents
Illustration Step 03: GDPR-compliant transmission to the practice


GDPR-compliant transmission to the practice

A PDF is automatically generated and digitally sent end-to-end encrypted to the Simpleprax application in your practice. Only the patient and the selected practice can see the information in the questionnaires.

Import into the patient file in your practice management software

The documents are downloaded automatically and saved in a folder. Depending on which practice software is used in your practice, the completed and signed documents can be imported into the existing patient file.


Illustration Step 04: Import into the patient file in your practice management software


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