Digital anamnesis for your medical practice

Simpleprax digitizes your medical history forms, patient admission documents, administrative forms and information material for your patients. They can fill out all documents digitally before the appointment and you save up to 20 hours of administrative work per month.

Available to every medical practice in Germany from March 2021. Join the waiting list now:

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  • Time saving

    With Simpleprax, patient information can be collected directly and digitally. This replaces manual processes in the doctor's office, saving up to 5 hours of administrative work per week.

  • Less bureaucracy and more efficient processes

    With Simpleprax a media break is prevented. Anamnesis forms, documents and administrative documents no longer have to be printed out, but are filled out directly by the patient digitally and imported into your practice management software.

  • Insertion into the IT structure of your medical practice

    The documents filled out by the patient can be imported directly into your practice management software. There is no need for duplicate management of patient data.

  • Higher patient satisfaction

    Offer a modern anamnesis in your practice and thus increase the satisfaction of your patients.

That's how it works!

Step 1


Selection of questionnaires and information materials

You select the questionnaires your patient is to fill out in the web application. For each document group there is a QR code and a six-digit code. Once your patient is in the practice, he can scan the QR code with his smartphone and gain access to the documents. If you want to send the documents to your patient in advance, send him a link by e-mail or give him the code on the phone, which will give him access to the documents on the website.

Filling out the documents

The patient fills out the forms you select, signs important documents or reads information materials directly on his or her smartphone or computer.


Step 2
Step 3


GDPR-compliant transmission to the medical practice

A PDF is automatically generated and sent digitally end-to-end encrypted to your medical practice. Only the patient and the selected medical practice can see the information on the medical history sheet.

Import into the patient file in your practice management software

The documents are automatically downloaded and stored in a folder. With one click, the completed and signed documents can be imported into the existing patient file in your practice management software.


Step 4


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Application areas


We digitize your medical history sheets and generate a report that allows you to see all important patient information. Based on already answered questions, additional questions can be asked.

Patient Admissions

Patient admission can be carried out before the doctor's appointment from any of the patient's end devices, regardless of location.

Patient education

Send your patient important information about the treatment even before the appointment. Even after the appointment you can still send your patient information material about his or her illness digitally.

Administrative forms

Administrative documents such as declarations of consent, GDPR regulations or other forms can be digitally signed with Simpleprax in a legally secure manner.

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